Rekindling that winning mentality

Managed Services Summit London 2023 is about helping MSPs enhance their services offerings. strengthen their market position and create opportunities for greater prosperity.

As the Managed Services market matures many MSPs tend to lose the entrepreneurial spirit that led them to their current position. MSS London is here to rekindle that enthusiasm, drive and winning mentality. At the heart of MSS London 2023 will be a series of panel discussions, high level keynotes and topical presentations all aimed at helping MSPs move to the next level. We welcome your attendance and participation in what will be an exhilarating event and probably the most important for the MSP community this year.

The Managed Services Summit 2023 will address the key trends and issues that impact the managed services sector including:

  • How to build differentiation within an increasingly competitive market
  • Maximise value and increase efficiencies for MSPs and their Customers
  • Increasing knowledge of new technologies, processes, and best practice
  • Analysing trends in buyer behaviour and successful sales strategies
  • Changes and trends in regulatory compliance
  • Successfully adoption of Zero trust architecture (ZTA)
  • Emerging advances in AI, automation and XaaS
  • The state of cloud adoption, and hybrid and edge computing
  • Hybrid and remote working best practice
  • Addressing the growing cyber security skills gap

At MSS 2023 as well as panel discussions and keynotes there is extensive networking time for delegates to meet with potential business partners.

The Managed Services Summit London 2023 is a C-suite event that will examine the latest trends and developments in managed services, how they have influenced customer requirements and how to create value through managed services for your organisation and customers.

Wednesday 13th September 2023 starting at 08:30 Local Time
08:30 Registration Opens
09:15 Welcome & Opening Remarks
Speakers Panel Debate: Opportunities, Positioning and Winning
Our first panel session will focus on where the MSP goes next. What are the real new opportunities out there, how does the MSP position themselves to capitalize on them and most importantly how do you take your existing customers into new uncharted waters as well as grow that existing base with new clients.
ConnectWise, Kaseya, Pax8, and Nerdio
The race to build a better workplace
Presented by Sally Gunnell OBE
Speakers Panel Debate: Cyber Security – Threat, Opportunity and Enigma
There is no doubt that cyber-crime is the biggest threat that most businesses and organizations face as we move to a digital economy. For MSPs it is also a threat to themselves as well as their customers, so how do you master it and turn it into a business opportunity. Our panellists will discuss the current and future state of the cyber security enigma and the potential of AI to impact both the threats and the solutions.
Hornetsecurity, ThreatLocker, Sendmarc, and illumio
10:40 Coffee and networking
Business Leadership Track

A track aimed at business leaders keen to learn new insights and innovative ideas that will help them streamline operations, trim costs while growing client revenues and prepare for future success.

Technology Leadership Track

A track aimed at technology leaders keen to gain a better understanding of technical trends, emerging customer requirements, innovative tools and new ways to deliver improved customer experiences.

11:05 The Purpose of Endpoint Security: Stopping cyber threats or making you feel good?
The plethora of security vendors operating in today's marketplace can be overwhelming. With so many options, it's easy to be distracted with the latest, greatest, shiny tool. Join Iain Jenkins for a deep dive into the purpose of cybersecurity and how you can use that to your operational advantage today.
Presented by Iain Jenkins - ThreatLocker
Microsoft Intune & Azure – Building the Modern Cloud MSP with Nerdio
The rapid pace of technology and evolving end user computing needs are significantly impacting the MSP landscape -- where some are thriving, and others are struggling to keep up. Learn how any MSP can modernize, automate, secure and cost-optimize their existing practice using native Microsoft technologies including Azure, Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and Windows 365.
Presented by Mike Douglass - Nerdio
11:15 Listen, learn and grow: How understanding your client’s needs are key to your cybersecurity business growth and profitability
We all have our client’s best interests at heart, but do you ever feel as though sometimes your clients just don’t hear what you’re saying? Join Dan Scott, IT Nation Community Director from ConnectWise as we explore how by asking the right questions, we can better understand our client’s needs, share common goals and increase their cybersecurity awareness and defences.
Presented by Dan Scott - ConnectWise
Stop Breaches from Spreading
Cyber-resilience is now a top business priority across all industries. Maintaining services is reliant on containing any attack to prevent it propagating to high value assets, but many organisations do not have the appropriate resource or expertise to properly execute this strategy. In this session we will look at how Illumio and MSSP’s can identify risk, secure the risk of lateral movement, and stop breaches spreading.
Presented by Scott Walker - illumio
11:25 How to save Time and Money, while increasing efficiency with IT Complete
Kaseya’s IT Complete is the world’s first and only purpose-built platform designed to directly address the challenges of DO-IT-ALL, multi—function, IT professionals. One vendor with everything you need, woven together to save you time, whilst increasing your efficiency. We will explore how the IT Complete platform can help you do all this and more with our meaningful workflow integrations and the help of Cooper our AI. IT Complete is smart enough to help you get more done, and in a way you can afford.
Presented by Jack Cooke - Kaseya
ChatGPT and AI: Armageddon for the Cybersecurity Industry?
We’ve all seen the news, AI and chatbots are taking the world by storm. There are some schools of thought that say the increase in AI usage may spell disaster for cybersecurity teams and MSSPs. Is this really the case though? Aren’t there benefits for the “good guys” when it comes to AI as well? Join Andy Syrewicze, Security Evangelist with Hornetsecurity, for a session that will cover what the increase in AI use really means for the industry, and why it’s not all doom and gloom. For example, Andy will discuss: • Why AI driven attacks aren’t infallible • How blue teams and MSSPs can leverage AI for defense and training • How security vendors can bring increased value to the industry with AI capabilities After this session you’ll walk away with a new outlook on AI, and what it means for our industry. We hope to see you there!
Presented by Andy Syrewicze - Hornetsecurity
11:35 Presentation by Phylip Morgan at Pax8
Presented by Phylip Morgan - Pax8
All is not what it SIEMs
The market for SIEM solutions is mature, but many of them are designed for single instance enterprises. So adapting them to the needs of managed security service providers needs additional considerations besides their core capabilities. Huntsman Security will cover the 4 additional capabilities observed as needed by MSSPs to offer cost-effective security monitoring and threat detection services.
Presented by Piers Wilson - Huntsman Security
11:45 Why more than 75% of companies can be impersonated | Live Demonstration
in this impactful presentation focused on enhancing domain security. As an MSP, discover one actionable step you can take today to contribute to a safer online environment. Through a live demonstration, Kieran will illustrate the alarming simplicity of impersonating an organization. Gain invaluable insights and fast practical solutions to combat impersonation attacks and protect your clients' digital identities. Don't miss this opportunity to make a real difference in internet safety.
Presented by Kieran Frost - Sendmarc
Unveiling the bridge to success: Unified Data Resiliency
With the ever-exploding growth in data - and with the threat of ransomware constantly looming - one of the biggest challenges, for service providers, is being able to deliver and scale reliable data protection and management services faster and better. With Arcserve, you're guaranteed right-fit solutions for all your customers, regardless of size, vertical, requirements or complexity. Join Sandy Chandrasenan, and the Arcserve team, and embark on a collaborative journey to discover how you can unlock the full potential of unified resiliency for your clients. Truly differentiated, next-gen solutions built for today's data-driven world.
Presented by Sandy Chandrasenan - Arcserve
11:55 DMARC management, from challenge to opportunity
Were you aware that digital identity fraud is a substantial industry that generates billions of dollars worldwide? Cyber criminals use impersonated emails as one of their primary methods of attack, which can result in severe consequences such as phishing, ransomware spreading, and CEO fraud. However, there's no need to be concerned because we're here to assist! Let's explore this problem in greater depth and join forces to confront it head-on. By combining our cutting edge AI driven tooling, our knowledge and your dedication, we can have a meaningful impact and protect your and your clients' digital identities from fraudulent individuals.
Presented by Levente Bokor - Kevlarr
The Power of Service - How MSPs are Changing the Landscape!
In the “move fast, focus on what’s important” world of an SMB, the last thing they need to worry about are their IT solutions that enable their business. This is how MSPs are changing the landscape. It’s not enough for a reseller to just provide pass-through procurement services. MSPs provide the critical deployment, management and support for SMB IT systems, and do it in a consumable, cloud-based subscription service approach. GFI Software’s mission–enabling MSPs to scale their business and manage the needs of their customers. Eric Vaughan will highlight specific areas of the Company’s focus which is revolutionizing this service-based approach.
Presented by Eric Vaughan - GFI Software
12:05 Panel Q&A Session
Panel Q&A Session
12:35 Lunch
13:35 Welcome Back |Announcing The 3rd Prize Draw Winner | Visit to the London Eye and Bottomless Pizza at Gordon Ramsay's Street Pizza for Two
Speakers Panel Debate: Accelerating Digital growth – taking the initiative
As all sectors of the British economy embrace the digitalisation of their markets, professions and enterprises, how do Managed Service Providers capitalise on the opportunity? This panel session will debate not only the role of MSP in the digitalisation process, but will also discuss how the MSP can take the lead.
QBS Software, Kevlarr, Arcserve, and Huntsman Security
Business Leadership Track

Technology Leadership Track

14:05 Cloud VPN & SSE: how to protect company data with a hybrid workforce
In swiftly adapting hybrid workspaces, the balance between secure data and productive, safe team collaboration is vital. The presentation spotlights the influences of choosing Cloud VPN and Security Service Edge (SSE) tools. Discovering the power of Cloud VPN—your key to robust encryption and secure connectivity—creates an effortless path to cloud assets and secure communication among remote teams. We’ll explore the perks of SSE’s cloud-native blueprint, robust data protection, and streamlined network supervision: all that with effortless management of network connections via NordLayer for Partners. Uncover the transformative potential of Cloud VPN and SSE to protect sensitive information, enable smooth remote access, and level up your organization's security in the new-age remote work era.
Presented by Artūras Bubokas - NordLayer
Unlock Apps-as-a-Service with Liquit
One of the hottest trends in Managed Services right now is Device-as-a-Service. Liquit enables you to add even more services onto your offering by enabling you to control and manage application delivery to Windows and macOS endpoints, keeping your service offering fresh and relevant throughout the device lifecycle
Presented by Ben Ward - Liquit
14:15 Better together: MDR that meets where you are
Whether you’re looking at building a SOC, buying a fully packaged Cybersecurity as a Service MDR offering, or looking for something in between, this session will look at the flexible ways Sophos is delivering MDR and XDR solutions for the MSP and MSSP. The MDR market for the SMB is wider than ever, and in this session we’ll look at flexible options you may be looking for in delivering an MDR solution, and how vendors like Sophos support our channel in a successful go-to-market for MDR services.
Presented by Kyle Torres - Sophos
Turbo-boost your email signatures by partnering with Exclaimer
Exclaimer is the industry's leading provider of email signature solutions, empowering businesses to unlock the potential of email as a key digital advertising channel. With its award-winning tools, organizations can simplify the management of email signatures to deliver consistent branding, promote marketing campaigns and company news, gather real-time customer feedback, and much more.
Presented by Jo Holliday - Exclaimer
14:25 Building Cyber Recovery as a Service using Druva's SaaS Data Protection Platform
Your customers' primary concern is ransomware, but what are you doing as an MSP to differentiate and ensure your services give your customers a guarantee they can recover? Air-gapped immutable backups are table stakes for any data protection platform today, not options you have to pay for. Recovering from a ransomware attack is different from any other recovery. If your BaaS offering has not adapted, you should attend this session to understand the unique ability of Druva’s SaaS data protection platform and how it is enabling MSPs to differentiate, meet customer needs and drive highly profitable recurring revenues.
Presented by Gareth Lush - Druva
3 Ways to create a cybersecurity culture with your clients
In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a critical role in safeguarding client data and infrastructure. Carla explores three effective strategies to cultivate a strong cybersecurity culture within organizations. She emphasizes the significance of comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity concepts, the risks, and client “buy-in”. How do you expand, improve, and build a cybersecure company and help your client’s to invest in it? Carla dives into the concepts that will drive your security to the next level.
Presented by Carla Marsh - Malwarebytes
14:35 Hybrid work and the raise of Cloud PCs - Why Desktop as a Service and Linux are the perfect match
“The global workforce is rapidly shifting towards work from anywhere and customers are looking towards service providers to solve their IT challenges, that come with Hybrid Work scenarios. Join todays session and learn how you can create a profitable win win situation for you and your customer with Unicons MSP ready eLux endpoint OS”
Presented by Michael Gutsch - Unicon
Fortify the Digital Frontline
Unleash the potential of automation, AI, and ML in modern cyber defence. Discover how these technologies empower robust protection against ever-evolving threats, while leveraging Large Language Models within our administration experience to bolster operational efficiency and enhance threat analysis capabilities.
Presented by Steven Wood - OpenText
14:45 Unleashing the Power of Infinidat: Delivering Value and Differentiation for MSPs
Infinidat empowers MSPs with exceptional value through its differentiated storage solution, uniting high performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. By harnessing cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, Infinidat enables MSPs to optimise customer value, efficiently managing data growth and lowering TCO. In today’s threat landscape, ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks pose significant risks to data. Infinidat’s state-of-the-art data protection, cyber resilience, and recovery with advanced detection capabilities play a crucial role in bolstering your overall cybersecurity strategy, ensuring data remains safeguarded and recoverable.
Presented by James T. Lewis - Infinidat
HA/DR Strategies for Optimising Cost, Enhancing Value, and Scaling Your MSP Business
In today's dynamic business landscape, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) face the dual challenge of reducing overhead while enhancing customer value, all while keeping operating cost low. This session discusses key factors for driving down costs, adding value to both customers and end-users, streamlining onboarding processes, leveraging automation, and boosting customer adoption rates. Additionally, it explores innovative approaches to scaling without inflating budgets, and considerations for high availability and disaster recovery solutions for critical applications, across diverse platforms, operating systems, and databases. Learn how organisations can harness HA technologies to not only ensure uninterrupted services but also drive innovation, strengthen competitive advantages, and foster customer loyalty. By implementing these strategies, MSPs can forge stronger client relationships, minimise downtime, and position themselves as indispensable partners in their clients' success.
Presented by Harry Aujla - SIOS Technology Corp
14:55 Cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid? How to stay agile and keep infrastructure costs in check.
When your customers have changing needs, so do you. Staying agile in the managed services business is key to maintaining and growing your customer base. When it comes to infrastructure and virtual app and desktop solutions, you shouldn’t need to choose between cloud or on-premises. And you don't need to lock into a single cloud. Join us to learn how you can pivot, scale, and optimize your infrastructure to realize cost-savings and reduce maintenance. We’ll also share some valuable tips on cloud optimization.
Presented by George Watkins - Parallels
Cracking the Case of the Insider Threat
Adam will walk you through a criminal case that he investigated, an Insider threat that resulted in the take over of the CEO's email. How was this achieved and what was the motivation behind this action? Digging deeper Adam will look into a survey conducted by CyberSmart of over one thousand SME senior leaders and decision-makers across the UK, discussing what this reveals and what simple strategies can be employed for building a strong insider threat prevention program.
Presented by Adam Pilton - CyberSmart
15:05 Panel Q&A Session
Panel Q&A Session
15:35 Coffee Break & Networking
A Leadership Energy & Mindset for Success
Presented by Mary Hunter
UK MSP: “The Big Debate” Panel
Each year our Big Debate gives the MSP community its chance to air their views on what they have heard throughout the day and, using their unique insight, comment on how they see the role of MSP evolving. This session is usually our most interactive of the day as audience members ask questions and comment with their own views and ideas. A session not to be missed!
IT-LOGIX LTD, Cobweb, Xiria, and JUMPSEC
16:50 Closing Remarks | Announcing The 2nd Prize Draw Winner for Meta Quest 2 VR headset 128GB
16:55 Networking Drinks Begins at 16:15 | Announcing The 1st Prize Draw Winner for 2 Hospitality Tickets for England vs Ireland - Guinness 6 Nations, Twickenham 9th March 2024
17:40 End of Summit
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 30 Sep 2023 at 12:48am.

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