2019 Agenda

Content: Creating Value with Managed Services

As the market changes, with new layers of competition, expanded customer requirements and external pressures, MSPs must adapt their business practices to win customers and create value, both for their clients and themselves within an increasingly competitive market.

What is the content of the Managed Services and Hosting Summit?

Amongst the issues discussed and examined will be:

  • What customers are asking for and how Managed Services suppliers can meet their demands more efficiently within a managed environment
  • Emerging opportunities in managed services including AI, IoT, vertical market specialisation, digital marketing and other differentiators
  • Staying relevant and strategic in the face of commoditisation of public cloud
  • Winning by integrating additional and add-on services
  • Offering security and compliance

08:15 Registration Opens
09:00 Welcome & Opening Remarks
09:30 Working with customers and their chaotic buying processes
Mark Paine, Research Director, Gartner
Mark Paine will present the Gartner view on how the changed customer buying process has become hard to monitor and follow and can be abruptly fore-shortened. “Who are the real customers anyway?” he will ask, using research into changing buying processes.
09:55 How to buy another MSP
Peter Sweetbaum, CEO, IT Lab Group
IT Lab Group CEO Peter Sweetbaum will discuss how to build and grow MSP businesses and the process of acquiring another service provider. Peter will cover his experience in growing an MSP business alongside the major issues that arise in M&A; from how to deal with customers on both sides to best practices on integrating services, technology and culture across teams.
10:20 Panel Session
Platinum sponsor panel session featuring Jason Howells, Director, International MSP Business, Barracuda MSP; Steven Hutchings, Regional Sales Manager for MSPs, Cloudian; Eric Torres, Channel Development Manager, Datto; Graham Bromham, Head of Cloud & Managed Service Provider Sales, Fujitsu; Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management, Huntsman Security; Francis Gaffney, Director of Threat Intelligence & Response, Mimecast and Jerry Mumford, Sales Director, OnApp.
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 The Evolving Landscape of the MSP Business
Jason Howells, Director, International MSP Business, Barracuda MSP
In this session Jason will be discussing the findings from the recent ‘Evolving Landscape of the MSP Business’ report. We will cover the most notable findings from the report as well as providing advice on how MSPs can get together to share success, best practice and insights in order to give businesses in EMEA the best possible experience of managed IT services.
Grow your bottom line by partnering with Datto to offer your clients Business Continuity and Networking solutions
Eric Torres, Channel Development Manager, Datto
Join us in this educational session as we review the Datto solution offerings and breakdown the top successful tools and advantages of the Datto partnership, designed to truly grow your business. Learn about the free sales tools available to all, including a robust marketing automation platform, to help grow your Business Continuity, Networking and Managed Services offerings.

-Datto's offerings - Business Continuity, Networking, Business Management Tools
- The advantages of partnering with Datto
- Sales tools provided by Datto to help our Partners grow
11:30 Virtual insanity: the dubious future of hyperscale cloud for MSPs
Jerry Mumford, Sales Director, OnApp
Relax - the future of MSPs has been written and is now set in stone. Everything’s moving to public cloud. Public cloud means AWS, Azure and GCE. We’re all just hyperscale resellers now. There’s just one problem: none of these statements is true.
Grow your business, without scaling your IT teams
Mark Arts, Senior Sales Engineer, StackState
Join this talk and learn how Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations enables your IT teams to become more efficient, productive and save time while increasing the quality of service.
11:45 Customers want to outsource security monitoring - Are you ready?
Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management, Huntsman Security
There are significant revenue and margin opportunities in the provision of Managed Security Services (MSS), however there are also significant risks. Learn seven key ways to find the balance between delivering attractive services that customers are prepared to pay for, and the risk of incurring high operational and on-boarding costs.
Leverage Threat Intelligence to Improve Your Cyber Resilience & Hygiene
Francis Gaffney, Director of Threat Intelligence & Response, Mimecast
The Internet has changed how we interact, do business, and share information. Cyber is distinctive in the difficulty it presents us when we try to predict what will come next. Cyber threats are complex, dynamic, and network defences often have trouble keeping up with them. The threat landscape has evolved. Traditionally, the cyber security strategy of most organisations has been a defence-in-depth approach starting at the perimeter and layering back to the assets that need to be protected. By understanding the breadth of the threats through a more proactive approach in defence methodologies (Active Defence), organisations can increase their cyber resilience and formulate mitigation plans and develop policies and programmes that focus on high-impact attacks and protect / control access to sensitive commercial information from malicious actors. Intelligence is of no value if it cannot be made available in an appropriate time frame to those who require it. Using timely and actionable threat intelligence, allows for better cyber hygiene and can influence lines of business. Let us show you how we at Mimecast do this.
12:00 Next Generation and Profitable STaaS Opportunities for MSPs
Steven Hutchings, Regional Sales Manager for MSPs, Cloudian
Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are increasingly eyeing Cloud Storage Services as a rapidly expanding revenue opportunity. With unstructured data doubling every 2 years and with GDPR requirements driving a greater need for storage control. The time has never been better for MSPs to enter this space or refresh their last generation offerings. Today, Cloudian's on-premise native S3 MSP solution with their many technology ecosystem partners enables a simple and flexible approach to provide many Cloud Storage Services on a single platform.
Pay-per-use hosted on-premises infrastructure. Dream or reality?
Graham Bromham - Head of Cloud & Managed Service Provider Sales – Fujitsu
Pay-per-use hosted on-premises infrastructure. Dream or reality?

If you are buying datacentre infrastructure for any cloud or managed hosting offerings today and aren’t paying for it like you pay for the cloud – this session is for you. It’s the age old dilemma for a service provider, do you buy in advance of demand and hope, or do you wait for customer demand and accept slow time to market? There is another way. And we reckon we’ve cracked it… come see if you agree.
12:15 Q&A Session Q&A Session
12:25 Lunch
13:30 The message behind blockchain
Igor Pejic, Head of Marketing, BNP Paribas PF AT
Academic and financial industry expert Igor Pejic from BNP Paribas is the author of “Blockchain Babel”, just selected as a book of the month by the FT. With his deep understanding of the blockchain model, he will explain its relationship with the IT industry and with managed services in particular, providing the background to his book and explaining that it is not just banking that will be affected. Managed services’ customers in every industry, especially those with a supply chain, will be asking questions about the implications of blockchain. A must attend session, and every attendee will receive a free copy of his book.
14:00 Building a Leaner, Fitter, Smarter MSP
Wilson Sanders, Business Development, IT Glue
Building an efficient MSP in today’s rapidly evolving world is quite the challenge. Join IT GLue to discover how adopting great documentation practices could have a resounding impact on your MSP and see the bottom-line soar.
MSPZen: Perfecting the Art of Profitable, Stress-Free Services
Rachel Spatz, VP of Marketing, NinjaRMM
There are infinite things to potentially worry about when you’re an MSP. What sets the most successful MSPs apart is they’ve found ways to drastically reduce that list down to a minimum. Join us to learn about the keys to working smarter, not harder, and scaling your business without burning out. That includes insisting on a standardized stack, not being afraid to fire bad customers, knowing the right tools to use, and more.
14:15 How to Wow Your Customers and Make More Money Through As-a-Service
Alex Winter, International Manager - Sales, ConnectWise
Technology Service Providers spend a lot of time focusing on the technology you provide, because that’s what you love. But, it’s more important than ever the industry to put their focus on the customer over the technology. Hear from ConnectWise experts on how to get started on transitioning to the As-a-Service model; and how to make the transition a successful one.
The future of the server in a composable world
Nizar El-Chamaa, Server & Systems Management Specialist, ISG, Dell Technologies
Why emerging technologies might make server hardware look very different in the near future.
14:30 Maximising opportunities in the high growth Managed Security Services market
David Ellis, Vice President, Security and Mobility Solutions - Europe, Tech Data
In this session David Ellis will cover a high-level overview of the key drivers in the market, areas for MSPs to consider and how they can partner with Tech Data to capitalise on this high growth sector.
Head in the clouds and chasing rainbows: Navigating the pitfalls of migration
Adam Nash, Technical Sales Manager, LogicMonitor
Migrating to the cloud needn’t be a storm of complexity. Learn how moving to a public, private or hybrid cloud can be a breeze by utilising smart tools, automating discovery of the data centre and monitoring your network. Increased sales, reduced costs and sunny skies await.
14:45 Q&A Session Q&A Session
14:55 Coffee Break
15:20 Saving Your Clients From Themselves -- How Internal Cybersecurity Is Your Next Big Revenue Generator
Mark Winter, VP Sales, RapidFire Tools
While cybersecurity headlines still highlight big breaches from external sources, insider threats are an even bigger problem. During this presentation RapidFire Tools VP Mark Winter will discuss the need for expanded insider cybersecurity threat services and will also describe the types of insider threats that are commonly found on many SMB networks, and how to detect them.
Assessing New Prospects for Managed Services
Scott Tyson, EMEA Managing Director, Auvik Networks
Network assessments are a crucial part of the MSP prospecting phase. To quote work accurately and prove you can effectively support an IT environment, you need to know what’s really on the network—not just what the prospect says is there. If you don’t have network visibility, you could lose time and money through unquoted work resulting from unforeseen network issues and surprise devices you didn’t know about. By using Auvik, you gain real-time network insight and control so you can prove your value, identify upsell opportunities, proactively assess network problems, and boost your profitability with right-sized contracts.
15:35 Size Does Matter: Small Businesses & Cybersecurity
Cormac Maguire, UK Territory Manager, Webroot
Webroot's report, titled “Size Does Matter”, sheds light on the challenging climate UK SMBs are currently facing in a time of rapid political, economic and social change. Cormac will share these research insights and practical ways MSP’s can help guide their clients and prospects with a robust cyber security strategy.
Going Open to Win: How to turn your data center network into a competitive advantage
Jay Gill, Senior Director of Marketing, Pluribus Networks
Are your managed hosting and cloud services being held back by your data center network? In the fast-evolving world of managed hybrid cloud/multi-cloud services, you need to turn your network into a competitive advantage and a revenue enabler. Open networking and SDN can not only eliminate vendor lock-in and lower costs, they can help you simplify and automate operations across geographically distributed data centers, and enable you deliver services that are simply better: faster to provision, more innovative, more reliable and more secure.
15:50 Data threat prevention is not enough
Sabine Schilg, VP EMEA, Carbonite
When your data is hacked or encrypted, it is important that business can continue while IT solves the security breaches. Sometimes you just wish you could go back in time and undo the harm that was caused by a security breach in your network or your hardware including endpoint devices and your data center. Carbonite makes it possible to go back to a time where the data was unharmed and running smoothly with near zero downtime preventing you from losing important data. As cyber-crime and user failure keep increasing the risk of business being disrupted, the business opportunity for backup and recovery continues to be a rising investment for organizations. #dataprotection #datalosspreventation
IDC & SD WAN in China and Abroad
Moti Khan, Solution Team Leader, China Telecom
16:05 Q&A Session Q&A Session
16:15 The Future of Managed Services + MSP Panel session hosted by IT Europa
Editor of IT Europa, John Garratt, reviews the latest statistics, including its own unpublished research on the nature of the managed services sector. He looks at how different definitions are used, especially in countries across Europe, how everyone is planning growth which makes mergers and acquisition inevitable, and the likely prospects for 2020.

Above all the message from interviews with leading MSPs shows how demand for experienced staff and new skills is changing how managed services firms and others are looking at driving value.
16:45 Networking Drinks
17:15 End of Summit
18:45 Networking Drinks
19:30 Dinner & Managed Services Awards Presentation

Please Note: The Managed Services and Hosting Summit reserves the right to make any necessary changes to this agenda. Every effort will be made to keep presentations and speakers as represented. However, unforeseen circumstances may result in the substitution of a presentation topic or speaker. The Managed Services and Hosting Summit reserves the right to use photographs of any attendee for future promotions.

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