MSS 2022 – Finding your role and staying relevant

Managed Services Summit London 2022 will address where the MSP goes from here. After years of evolution the role of MSP is starting to change quite dramatically.

Up till now the MSP role has been very much a supporting one, helping clients manage their IT infrastructure as they have migrated from on-premiss to hybrid cloud environment.

Now clients are asking for a whole lot more of their MSP. They need a technical adviser, a security expert and a digital economy partner.

At MSS London we will have expert speakers and panellists to discuss this changing role and give a steer of what next steps are vital if the MSP wants to stay relevant in this new market.

Themes, Topics and Trends

The Managed Services Summit will address the key trends and issues that impact the managed services sector including:

  • How to maximise value and increase efficiencies for MSPs and their customers
  • Increasing knowledge of new technologies
  • Analysing trends in buyer behaviour
  • Assessing recent strides in digitalisation and business transformation
  • Security, compliance and zero trust architecture (ZTA)
  • Emerging advances in AI, automation and XaaS
  • The state of cloud adoption, and hybrid and edge computing
  • Hybrid working 2.0
  • Better approaches to training in light of the growing skills gap
Wednesday 14th September 2022 starting at 08:30 Local Time
08:30 Registration Opens
09:15 Welcome & Opening Remarks
Speakers Panel Debate: Innovation, Consolidation and Automation – the way forward
As the Managed Services market matures MSPs need to understand where they go next. Staying where you are is no success strategy, but taking the next step is fraught with challenges. Is Innovation the key or do you consolidate what you have. Is automation of processes and procedures fundamental to future growth. Our Platinum panellists will give their opinions on what are the next steps for MSPs wishing to be winners.
Cloudian, ConnectWise, Sophos, and OpsRamp
The future-proofed MSP
Presented by Jessica Figueras - Hither Strategy
Speakers Panel Debate: Cyber Security - the biggest threat and opportunity
With over half of all cyber-attacks targeted at SMBs and the majority of the same sector claiming they would switch managed service provider for the right cyber security solution our Platinum panellists will discuss the threats and opportunities this represents to the MSP community.
Splashtop, Duo Security, Pax8, and ThreatLocker
10:35 Coffee Break & Networking
Business Leadership Track

A track aimed at business leaders keen to learn new insights and innovative ideas that will help them streamline operations, trim costs while growing client revenues and prepare for future success.

Technology Leadership Track

A track aimed at technology leaders keen to gain a better understanding of technical trends, emerging customer requirements, innovative tools and new ways to deliver improved customer experiences.

11:05 Zero Trust at the Endpoint: Fighting Ransomware
The Zero Trust framework is based on the principle of "never trust, always verify." Join us to learn about Zero Trust, how to adopt it for endpoints, and the technologies you need to take control of your environment in the fight against ransomware.
Presented by Seamus Lennon - ThreatLocker
Don't Anguish. Automate Your Service Delivery!
Managing modern hybrid IT environments at scale is tougher than ever before. MSPs and IT teams struggle with achieving unified visibility into their environments and with automating their operations and service delivery. The complexity, volume and velocity of change have grown beyond human scale to manage effectively. With OpsRamp, MSP and enterprise operations teams can harness Hybrid Observability, AIOPs and Automation, all from a single, multi-tenant, SaaS-based platform, to save time and resources, improve their service delivery, and automate!
Presented by Varma Kunaparaju - OpsRamp
11:20 The Trusted Advisor Explosion and Convergence 3.0
The next twenty years will see the biggest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen as the Boomer generation leaves their legacies to the next generation. In the USA alone that will be $35 Trillion. Those trillions landing in the pockets of an entrepreneurial, digitally transformed generation are going to create an explosion of “Trusted Advisors” in four key business verticals that will eventually lead to convergence 3.0.
Presented by Phylip Morgan - Pax8
Accelerating revenue growth while providing clients' business continuity
While there’s no doubt hybrid and remote working are the new reality for SMBs and Enterprises, MSPs are called to optimize their performance and process, to ensure business continuity for their clients and growth for themselves. In this rapidly evolving landscape, MSPs are required to enable and support the remote working culture in organizations by implementing solutions that are high-performing, scalable and, most importantly, cybersecure. We will address the increased risks for security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, brought by hybrid modes and BYOD and how MSPS can rethink their offering to ensure maximum efficiency in the management of IT infrastructures.
Presented by Bas Peters - Splashtop
11:35 Security made easy with DUO
Learn how Duo's MSP program can secure your customer's environments within minutes, with an easy-to-use industry-leading cloud service - all on our multi-tenant platform.
Presented by Hiten Jotangia - Duo Security
Demystification of Cloud: Using What You Already Know
An opportunity to discuss how challenges with Cloud adoption may be overcome using what we already know about existing processes and infrastructures.
Presented by Tim Swainson - Sophos
11:50 Market opportunities for MSPs helping businesses achieve new successes
Cybersecurity threats are on the rise yet most SMBs don’t feel they could protect themselves if attacked. Hear how this has created an opportunity for MSPs to help them and drive their own business to new successes.
Presented by Sam Callaghan - ConnectWise
Cloudian S3 Storage Data Platform in the Sovereign Cloud & Ransomware era - Realise new revenue opportunities in S3-compatible storage services
Cloudian plays front and centre in the Data Sovereign Cloud space, and we help Managed & Cloud Service Providers build secure, on-prem S3 Object Data Platforms. Our focus is to enable M/CSPs to build new and or refreshed lines of revenue around hot topics like Ransomware Protection, Data Lakehouses, Containerisation and secure S3 STaaS. With strategic partners like VMware and Veeam, Cloudian has revenue ready solutions that are integrated, certified, and tested in partner labs and more importantly, service provider datacenters. Our MSP Partner program is designed to assist customers to take their services, built on Cloudian, to their customer base.
Presented by Neil Stobart - Cloudian
12:05 Panel Q&A Session
Panel Q&A Session
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Welcome Back |Announcing The 3rd Prize Draw Winner For The £100 Amazon Voucher
Platinum Session Panel Debate – Creating Opportunities for your clients in the Digital economy
Are you a service provider or opportunity provider. Our Platinum panel will discuss the role of MSPs in the digital economy post Covid. As all businesses are having to respond to different work practices, creaking supply chains and skill shortages, how can the MSP help its clients respond and grow. How can the MSP show its clients more effective ways of working or assist them moving into new markets.
OVHcloud, Nerdio, N-Able, and eSentire
Business Leadership Track

Technology Leadership Track

13:50 Threat hunting done right!
While most MDR vendors claim to deliver complete protection, the fact is many provide limited signal visibility and response, leaving your client’s unprotected against critical parts of the attack surface. MDR providers can’t detect and respond to what they don’t see. eSentire’s mission is to deliver improved detection, 24/7 threat hunting, deep investigation, and complete response. Learn how eSentire is here to stop threats before they impact your client’s business and act as a true extension to your managed service operations.
Presented by Ross Goodburn - eSentire
The Definitive Azure solution for MSPs
Do you know it is time to move your MSP practice to the public cloud with Microsoft Azure but don’t know how to do it? In this session, you will learn how to build a successful MSP practice in Microsoft Azure from Nerdio whose deployment, pricing, management, and optimization product is the definitive Azure solution for MSPs. Nerdio has helped thousands of MSPs build profitable Azure practices and looks forward to showing you how to as well!
Presented by Joseph Landes - Nerdio
14:05 Own the Cloud!
Join our Head Nerd, Paul Kelly to Learn how N-able are propelling our partners into the next big thing with cloud first solutions, tools and support, share in our journey and insider knowledge so we can be the best together.
Presented by Paul Kelly - N-Able
CTO research insights; stop sabotaging your customers’ hybrid-cloud strategy
Staying one step ahead of your customers’ hybrid-cloud needs is no easy task. As organisations develop more complex cloud strategies, MSPs have to continuously evolve their cloud services. But with CTO’s citing one in three Cloud migrations fail to meet their expectations, the key question for the channel to address should be ‘where do I improve my service delivery and how do I deliver value?’ Sharing data from recent research, this session will discuss the most prevalent success drivers behind CTOs’ hybrid cloud strategies’ critical success factors such as data management, a secure sovereign cloud, mitigating supplier risk, dodging unpredictable cloud costs and reducing IT’s carbon footprint. We will explore practical examples on how we support MSPs to successfully utilise powerful capability to achieve over 30% annual sales growth and deliver a great customer experience that achieves CTO’s cloud migration expectations.
Presented by David Devine - OVHcloud
14:20 Is Your Security Engineered To Beat Social Engineering?
Social engineering tactics – using the art of deception in cyberattacks – have climbed to the top spot as the #1 cause of cybersecurity breaches. Our researchers have broken down common attack vectors to identify where we’re most vulnerable and find out why social engineering is so successful. Finally, we explore Forrester’s recommendation for the best defence against social engineering tactics like phishing. They make the case for adopting a multi-tiered cybersecurity strategy. Equipped with the right defences, you can protect your business from social engineering.
Presented by Matt Aldridge - Carbonite + Webroot (OpenText Security Solutions)
Multi Layered Protection with a user element, why it's important!
We all know that threats are ever changing in the Security market however, their delivery methods and approach stay very similar. We will go over how the market has changed or not over the years and discuss how it is more important than ever that you are putting in a layered security approach that combines security technologies along with end user enablement to reduce these threats from breaching customers' environments.
Presented by Jack Garnsey - VIPRE Security
14:35 The need to secure the SAAS world & updates from DattoCon
Join Jamie Emmitt, Datto’s Senior Product Specialist for SaaS. Jamie will open a conversation around the increasing threat to SaaS Apps and opportunity it has created for MSPs. Discover how customers are viewing this highly utilised and exposed facet of their business and how to deliver valuable services they both need and want! In this session you will also be one of the first to hear an overview of what is announced at DattoCon in Washington DC, earlier that week.
Presented by Jamie Emmitt - Datto
Technical Overview of Software Defined Networks
In this talk Rich Hill will discuss how Software Defined Networks are emerging as an alternative to SD-WAN, MPLS and VPN. This is a technical talk, detailing the advantages of virtualized networks, and how they can be used to provide layer 2 connectivity over layer 3. This opens new opportunities for building networks, providing secure and economic alternatives to traditional technologies.
Presented by Rich Hill - iQuila
14:50 Panel Q&A Session
Panel Q&A Session
15:05 Coffee and networking
Why your Happy Place will make you Sad
Presented by Ian Luckett - MSP Growth Hub, and Stuart Warwick - MSP Growth Hub
Business Leadership Track

Technology Leadership Track

16:00 Quest - The real cost of doing Nothing: Review your risk mitigation strategy
Protect your endpoints and your backup data from ransomware and related cyberattacks. Ransomware has been around a long time. And as long as its perpetrators see the opportunity for financial gain, ransomware is surely here to stay. Along with the monetary impact of a ransomware attack comes the impact of trying to recover all the compromised data. According to a Forrester survey, 39% of the respondents said they had managed to recover only 50 to 74 percent of their data. Could you run your business on 50 to 74 percent of the data you used to have?
Presented by Matt Smith - Quest, and Nick Gore - Quest
Increasing MSP Shareholder Value
In this session Fortinet will share their vision and methodology for a new type of vendor engagement, turning the traditional product focus on its head in favour of a service-led approach to accelerate your ability to build operationally efficient and profitable managed security services. Learn how: Increasing your security services capability can have a greater impact on the enterprise value of your MSP business, Fortinet can help you by expanding your managed security service capability, Fortinet's 'Service Factory Framework' can accelerate managed security services enablement.
Presented by Greg Gyves - Fortinet
16:15 How to maximise the impact of every business email and turn your “kind regards” into a new beginning
When we think of great customer experiences, attention always jumps to first impressions. But in a world where everyone is shouting ‘hello’, we don’t want to miss the impact of a great ‘goodbye’. After all, it’s endings that make the real difference. It’s endings that we remember. Email signatures are the underdog, the unsung hero of emails. The simple feature we expect to be there, providing the relevant contact information. But at Exclaimer we see email signatures as so much more than a simple sign off. It’s an opportunity to present a consistent brand identity and supercharge those valuable, personal interactions between your company and your audiences
Presented by Jo Holliday - Exclaimer
The rise of ‘Encryption as a Service’ and the huge opportunity it brings
Encryption and Key Management was until recently considered a complex, hardware-based, and expensive technology used only by banks, governments, and the military. Now, not only is it vital to all organisations moving to the cloud, but these organisations also want to, and indeed expect to, be able to consume encryption ‘as a Service’. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the incredible growth happening in Encryption and Key Management as a Service, along with the huge opportunity it presents to resellers and MSPs looking to enter this market.
Presented by Guido Gerrits - Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing
16:30 Email encryption for everyone
As well as being a GDPR and duty-of-care blind spot, business-to-personal email is the source of over 70% of business cybersecurity breaches. The solution to this problem is simple – it’s email encryption. The problem has been that, up until now, email encryption has been clunky, inconvenient and time consuming. No longer! StayPrivate is easy-to-use email encryption, delivered as a cloud service and designed to be sold by partners."
Presented by Andrew Brogden - Stay Private
How We Can Work Together to Solve the Cyber Skills Shortage
Today’s cyber skills shortage is well-documented, and if things don’t change it will only get worse. We consistently hear that people don’t know how to get into cyber security as a career; it requires a breadth of knowledge and skills across many different domains, which can confuse and scare people. It shouldn’t. In fact, the broad nature of cyber security means that it should be an attractive career move for people from a vast spectrum of backgrounds. At Six Degrees we are looking to provide a structured career path in cyber security at both entry and more experienced levels that will provide opportunities for people to develop their cyber careers all in one place. In this presentation we will explain how we will work with partners and providers to help nurture talent, addressing the cyber skills shortage by introducing a new generation of cyber practitioners.
Presented by JP Cavanna - 6 Degrees Group
16:45 Panel Q&A Session
Panel Q&A Session
“The Big Debate” - The MSP view - Standing out and staying relevant
Having listened to all the presentations and panel sessions during the day we have invited a diverse group of MSP leaders from across the community to give their opinions on what they have heard, and give us their views on how an MSP needs to stand out from the crowd. This session is also open to all delegates to give their views and ask questions of the panellists. We look forward to your contribution.
Welling MSP, ReformIT, 18iT, and Relltek
17:25 Closing Remarks | Announcing The 2nd Prize Draw Winner For 2 Tickets to The Red Bull Racing F1 Team Factory Tour
17:30 Networking Drinks | Announcing The 1st Prize Draw Winner for 2 Hospitality Tickets for the England v Scotland 6 Nations Rugby
18:00 End of Summit
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