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IT & MSP Business Growth Expert

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Ian Luckett is a multi-talented IT & MSP business growth expert with over 20 years' experience as a mentor, coach and business strategist. Over the years of working at various blue-chip companies holding a variety of senior positions, no one fits the profile better than Ian to help you build a profitable IT & MSP business by increasing your sales, productivity and profits.


Why leadership is more important than your PSA in your MSP

While growing and scaling your business, so many MSP’s focus on their Technical Solution Stack. Your PSA, RMM, Sales Tools and the list goes on. Now for 90% of techie business owners, this is their happy place. But so often the softer business skills around Leadership, Team Building and Employee Engagement are left untouched because they simply don’t know where to start, don’t see the benefit and you have done “alright” up to this point without it. In this motivational and inspiring keynote, Stuart Warwick & Ian Luckett (both UK leading MSP Business Coaches) will share with you the Top 5 activities that every MSP should be doing in 2022 to get the best out of their teams and help them become happier, more productive and more engaged.