Varma Kunaparaju

CEO and Co-Founder


An engineer at heart and entrepreneur by trade, Varma Kunaparaju has three decades of experience in high-technology engineering. He has a proven record of building and delivering enterprise software and founding and leading information technology companies. Varma is the co-founder/CEO of OpsRamp, a cloud-based IT operations management platform vendor. Prior to co-founding OpsRamp, Varma spent more than a decade in the IT operations management space with Netenrich, where he was co-founder and CTO. Before Netenrich, Varma was co-founder and vp of engineering of NexPrise, a collaborative B2B e-commerce software vendor, helping guide that company to be listed in NASDAQ and eventually acquired. Varma’s career in Silicon Valley began in the early 1990s with Exodus Communications. Varma has long been an advocate for service providers and system integrators. He is passionate about building disruptive technologies and leading go-to-market teams to create companies of significance. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications engineering and a master of science degree in computer science. 


Don't Anguish. Automate Your Service Delivery!

Managing modern hybrid IT environments at scale is tougher than ever before. MSPs and IT teams struggle with achieving unified visibility into their environments and with automating their operations and service delivery. The complexity, volume and velocity of change have grown beyond human scale to manage effectively. With OpsRamp, MSP and enterprise operations teams can harness Hybrid Observability, AIOPs and Automation, all from a single, multi-tenant, SaaS-based platform, to save time and resources, improve their service delivery, and automate!

Panel Sessions

Speakers Panel Debate: Innovation, Consolidation and Automation – the way forward

As the Managed Services market matures MSPs need to understand where they go next. Staying where you are is no success strategy, but taking the next step is fraught with challenges. Is Innovation the key or do you consolidate what you have. Is automation of processes and procedures fundamental to future growth. Our Platinum panellists will give their opinions on what are the next steps for MSPs wishing to be winners.