Accelerating revenue growth while providing clients' business continuity

While there’s no doubt hybrid and remote working are the new reality for SMBs and Enterprises, MSPs are called to optimize their performance and process, to ensure business continuity for their clients and growth for themselves. In this rapidly evolving landscape, MSPs are required to enable and support the remote working culture in organizations by implementing solutions that are high-performing, scalable and, most importantly, cybersecure. We will address the increased risks for security threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, brought by hybrid modes and BYOD and how MSPS can rethink their offering to ensure maximum efficiency in the management of IT infrastructures.

Bas Peters


Bas has gained his experience working in sales and business development for global IT companies. He has always believed in the power of collaboration, among colleagues, business partners and customers, and he works following the principle that when there's good collaboration, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Bas lives in a village in the centre of the Netherlands with his wife, their two children and Stewy, their dog. In his spare time you will find him enjoying a glass of wine with his friends, or on the golf course where he tries, with little success, to drop his handicap into single digits.