Is Your Security Engineered To Beat Social Engineering?

Social engineering tactics – using the art of deception in cyberattacks – have climbed to the top spot as the #1 cause of cybersecurity breaches. Our researchers have broken down common attack vectors to identify where we’re most vulnerable and find out why social engineering is so successful. Finally, we explore Forrester’s recommendation for the best defence against social engineering tactics like phishing. They make the case for adopting a multi-tiered cybersecurity strategy. Equipped with the right defences, you can protect your business from social engineering.

Matt Aldridge

Carbonite + Webroot (OpenText Security Solutions)

Matt is a cybersecurity veteran with over 25 years of experience. Past roles have included building military security software, being technical lead for managed network services at Computacenter (Europe’s largest Systems Integrator) and providing networking & security consultancy to customers and partners in a variety of industries. In 2014 Matt moved to Webroot, to work with new customers and partners across EMEA and beyond. He is focused on the integration of BrightCloud Threat Intelligence services & malware detection solutions, with engagements across the entire cybersecurity portfolio.