Multi Layered Protection with a user element, why it's important!

We all know that threats are ever changing in the Security market however, their delivery methods and approach stay very similar. We will go over how the market has changed or not over the years and discuss how it is more important than ever that you are putting in a layered security approach that combines security technologies along with end user enablement to reduce these threats from breaching customers' environments.

Oliver Paterson

VIPRE Security

Oliver has worked across the IT Security Industry for over 10 years having roles in Sales, Pre Sales Engineer, Product Marketing and now Product Management. His main objective is to help both customers and partners understand the complex security landscape and to make sure businesses are covered from the most advanced threats. Having helped businesses from small businesses up to large Enterprises across the world Oliver understands the threat landscape and how VIPRE Security Solutions can help customers bridge the gaps in their current infrastructure