Email encryption for everyone

As well as being a GDPR and duty-of-care blind spot, business-to-personal email is the source of over 70% of business cybersecurity breaches. The solution to this problem is simple – it’s email encryption. The problem has been that, up until now, email encryption has been clunky, inconvenient and time consuming. No longer! StayPrivate is easy-to-use email encryption, delivered as a cloud service and designed to be sold by partners."

Andrew Brogden

Stay Private

Andrew was born in Manchester, UK. He has a first class degree in Mathematics and a masters in Mathematics, both from Cambridge University. Andrew started his career as a management consultant, before moving into financial services, initially as a derivatives trader. He worked in large banks for over fifteen years, building and heading up businesses which specialised in creating retail investment products. Andrew has a proven track record of advising, developing and investing in successful technology businesses, including Snapchat and Redgate Software.