How to maximise the impact of every business email and turn your “kind regards” into a new beginning

When we think of great customer experiences, attention always jumps to first impressions. But in a world where everyone is shouting ‘hello’, we don’t want to miss the impact of a great ‘goodbye’. After all, it’s endings that make the real difference. It’s endings that we remember. Email signatures are the underdog, the unsung hero of emails. The simple feature we expect to be there, providing the relevant contact information. But at Exclaimer we see email signatures as so much more than a simple sign off. It’s an opportunity to present a consistent brand identity and supercharge those valuable, personal interactions between your company and your audiences

Jo Holliday


Jo has worked within the software industry for 23 years and has been leading and delivering vendor channel strategies for the last 11. She has experience of working within vendors, resellers, and managed service providers, and has a fine-tuned understanding of what’s important to each tier of the partner ecosystem when building a profitable go-to-market strategy. Jo is excited to be leading the development and execution of Exclaimer’s global channel strategy and to welcoming partners new and old into the