How We Can Work Together to Solve the Cyber Skills Shortage

Today’s cyber skills shortage is well-documented, and if things don’t change it will only get worse. We consistently hear that people don’t know how to get into cyber security as a career; it requires a breadth of knowledge and skills across many different domains, which can confuse and scare people. It shouldn’t. In fact, the broad nature of cyber security means that it should be an attractive career move for people from a vast spectrum of backgrounds. At Six Degrees we are looking to provide a structured career path in cyber security at both entry and more experienced levels that will provide opportunities for people to develop their cyber careers all in one place. In this presentation we will explain how we will work with partners and providers to help nurture talent, addressing the cyber skills shortage by introducing a new generation of cyber practitioners.

JP Cavanna

6 Degrees Group

JP Cavanna oversees the cyber security consulting business at Six Degrees, which currently comprises governance, risk and compliance advisory and security testing teams. He is a passionate cyber security leader with a career that spans 20 years, starting in digital forensics with the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command. Prior to joining Six Degrees, JP held director-level positions at large organisations including Unisys, LR, Capita and HP Enterprise. Throughout his career, JP has acquired deep experience in helping clients to create resilient security environments.