The rise of ‘Encryption as a Service’ and the huge opportunity it brings

Encryption and Key Management was until recently considered a complex, hardware-based, and expensive technology used only by banks, governments, and the military. Now, not only is it vital to all organisations moving to the cloud, but these organisations also want to, and indeed expect to, be able to consume encryption ‘as a Service’. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the incredible growth happening in Encryption and Key Management as a Service, along with the huge opportunity it presents to resellers and MSPs looking to enter this market.

Guido Gerrits

Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing

Guido Gerrits brings nearly 20 years’ experience operating within the IT security market with a broad range of experience across EMEA and organisation types. As Channel Director for Thales Cloud Protection & Licensing EMEA, he plays a key role in scaling the partner landscape and associated channel team to manage customer and partner relationships across the region. With 15yrs continuous service at Thales, he has seen the organisation grow through the acquisition of SafeNet and Gemalto where the heritage portfolio offered key cyber security solutions to address a diverse range of customer needs. Guido can speak to a wide range of IT Security issues, such as authentication, identity and access management solutions in addition to cryptography, network and storage security. In particular, he offers deep expertise in access controls and identity protection – particularly in the context of cloud computing, as cloud adoption grows rapidly across the EMEA region. He helps organisations understand the smarter and simpler route for managing data security in the cloud. Guido holds a Batchelor of Science Degree from the Fontys University of Applied Sciences. As part of his role, he often provides high-level counsel to many of the world’s largest organisations on their IT security approach. He is a native Dutch speaker and fluent in English.