Why more than 75% of companies can be impersonated | Live Demonstration

in this impactful presentation focused on enhancing domain security. As an MSP, discover one actionable step you can take today to contribute to a safer online environment. Through a live demonstration, Kieran will illustrate the alarming simplicity of impersonating an organization. Gain invaluable insights and fast practical solutions to combat impersonation attacks and protect your clients' digital identities. Don't miss this opportunity to make a real difference in internet safety.

Kieran Frost


Kieran has always worked in the technology sector and in roles that involve cross-functional understanding, working and execution to deliver on a company’s strategy. He joined Sendmarc in 2020 bringing with him over 10 years ‘experience of research analysis, product management and solutions consultancy. Having worked with companies such as IDC Research (International Data Corporation), Internet Solutions, Dimension Data, and CSI Africa, Kieran’s understanding of the tech sector at a macro level is complemented by his micro perspective of software businesses at the operational level.