Unveiling the bridge to success: Unified Data Resiliency

With the ever-exploding growth in data - and with the threat of ransomware constantly looming - one of the biggest challenges, for service providers, is being able to deliver and scale reliable data protection and management services faster and better. With Arcserve, you're guaranteed right-fit solutions for all your customers, regardless of size, vertical, requirements or complexity. Join Sandy Chandrasenan, and the Arcserve team, and embark on a collaborative journey to discover how you can unlock the full potential of unified resiliency for your clients. Truly differentiated, next-gen solutions built for today's data-driven world.

Sandy Chandrasenan


Sandy is a dedicated, passionate, professional with a decade of experience in client tech support. Currently pursuing a Master's in Cyber Security, specialising in cloud security, Sandy has extensive knowledge of Arcserve’s Unified Data Resilience Platform and a passion for communication protocols. Her unwavering enthusiasm to assist others, coupled with her sharp analytical acumen, enables her to transform intricate technical concepts into tailored IT solutions that drive optimal outcomes. She is committed to bridging the gap between technology and business needs, all while fuelling her clients' success.