The Power of Service - How MSPs are Changing the Landscape!

In the “move fast, focus on what’s important” world of an SMB, the last thing they need to worry about are their IT solutions that enable their business. This is how MSPs are changing the landscape. It’s not enough for a reseller to just provide pass-through procurement services. MSPs provide the critical deployment, management and support for SMB IT systems, and do it in a consumable, cloud-based subscription service approach. GFI Software’s mission–enabling MSPs to scale their business and manage the needs of their customers. Eric Vaughan will highlight specific areas of the Company’s focus which is revolutionizing this service-based approach.

Eric Vaughan

GFI Software

Eric Vaughan is an experienced technology executive recognized for his innovation in the enterprise technology space leading several other businesses within ESW Capital, becoming GFI Software’s CEO in 2021. As the previous founder and CEO of 3 software and services companies, Eric is well known throughout the industry as an innovator, architect, and developer of a number of software, hardware, and integration solutions. Eric is a frequent and noted author in industry publications including featured columns for executives in the enterprise software industry, and is a highly regarded thought leader on IoT, Cloud Computing, telecommunications, and modernization of enterprise applications.