Cloud VPN & SSE: how to protect company data with a hybrid workforce

In swiftly adapting hybrid workspaces, the balance between secure data and productive, safe team collaboration is vital. The presentation spotlights the influences of choosing Cloud VPN and Security Service Edge (SSE) tools. Discovering the power of Cloud VPN—your key to robust encryption and secure connectivity—creates an effortless path to cloud assets and secure communication among remote teams. We’ll explore the perks of SSE’s cloud-native blueprint, robust data protection, and streamlined network supervision: all that with effortless management of network connections via NordLayer for Partners. Uncover the transformative potential of Cloud VPN and SSE to protect sensitive information, enable smooth remote access, and level up your organization's security in the new-age remote work era.

Artūras Bubokas


Meet Arturas, NordLayer Product Manager at Nord Security. He drives product growth in a cutting-edge direction and creates further development roadmaps based on cybersecurity market research and analysis. Being a technical individual, Arturas has worked in the IT sector and leadership roles (mind 13+ years of experience in banking, sports data, and cybersecurity). In his current role, he’s all about close collaboration with product development teams to ensure the best user experience, meeting business requirements, and resolving ever-evolving work and security complexities in the most accessible and organization-friendly way.