Better together: MDR that meets where you are

Whether you’re looking at building a SOC, buying a fully packaged Cybersecurity as a Service MDR offering, or looking for something in between, this session will look at the flexible ways Sophos is delivering MDR and XDR solutions for the MSP and MSSP. The MDR market for the SMB is wider than ever, and in this session we’ll look at flexible options you may be looking for in delivering an MDR solution, and how vendors like Sophos support our channel in a successful go-to-market for MDR services.

Kyle Torres


Kyle has worked for Sophos for over 5 years and is at the forefront of the MSP and CSP offering in the UKI and Nordics. During this time, he has worked across the sales organisation and now focuses on adding value to the partners on the EMEA MSP programme. He regularly speaks at conferences and Think Tanks to advocate for Sophos and its MSP offering.