Building Cyber Recovery as a Service using Druva's SaaS Data Protection Platform

Your customers' primary concern is ransomware, but what are you doing as an MSP to differentiate and ensure your services give your customers a guarantee they can recover? Air-gapped immutable backups are table stakes for any data protection platform today, not options you have to pay for. Recovering from a ransomware attack is different from any other recovery. If your BaaS offering has not adapted, you should attend this session to understand the unique ability of Druva’s SaaS data protection platform and how it is enabling MSPs to differentiate, meet customer needs and drive highly profitable recurring revenues.

Gareth Lush


Gareth Lush leads Druva's MSP business for International markets. He and his team are focused on working closely with MSPs to help them launch innovative data protection, governance and cyber recovery services that make them stand out in the crowd. With 25 years’ experience being an MSP prior to coming to Druva, Gareth understands how to innovate and drive highly profitable recurring revenue streams.