Cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises, or hybrid? How to stay agile and keep infrastructure costs in check.

When your customers have changing needs, so do you. Staying agile in the managed services business is key to maintaining and growing your customer base. When it comes to infrastructure and virtual app and desktop solutions, you shouldn’t need to choose between cloud or on-premises. And you don't need to lock into a single cloud. Join us to learn how you can pivot, scale, and optimize your infrastructure to realize cost-savings and reduce maintenance. We’ll also share some valuable tips on cloud optimization.

George Watkins


Possessing an extensive background spanning more than 15 years in the IT sector, George stands as a genuine technology aficionado with a distinct focus on DataCenter product marketing. His expertise flourishes particularly within domains like visual cloud, high-performance computing, and visualization, cultivated through terms at prominent IT entities like Advanced Micro Devices and Alludo. In 2023, George became an integral part of the Alludo team, enriching it with his profound comprehension of virtual infrastructure. Leveraging his proficiency, he orchestrates impactful narratives that revolve around the products under his purview, effectively captivating customer interactions and fostering a deeper comprehension of the advantages offered by virtual business solutions.