3 Ways to create a cybersecurity culture with your clients

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) play a critical role in safeguarding client data and infrastructure. Carla explores three effective strategies to cultivate a strong cybersecurity culture within organizations. She emphasizes the significance of comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity concepts, the risks, and client “buy-in”. How do you expand, improve, and build a cybersecure company and help your client’s to invest in it? Carla dives into the concepts that will drive your security to the next level.

Carla Marsh


Experienced Channel Development Manager within the Cyber Security industry. I focus on building long term profitable relationships built on trust and honesty. I’m currently part of the Malwarebytes MSP team and I’m actively working with MSPs and distributors to help them use the Malwarebytes OneView solution to grow revenue and increase profitability. I’m always interested in a good conversation about cyber security, making money or throwback 90s hip hop (whichever takes your fancy!) if you fancy chewing the fat over any of these reach out to me on