DMARC management, from challenge to opportunity

Were you aware that digital identity fraud is a substantial industry that generates billions of dollars worldwide? Cyber criminals use impersonated emails as one of their primary methods of attack, which can result in severe consequences such as phishing, ransomware spreading, and CEO fraud. However, there's no need to be concerned because we're here to assist! Let's explore this problem in greater depth and join forces to confront it head-on. By combining our cutting edge AI driven tooling, our knowledge and your dedication, we can have a meaningful impact and protect your and your clients' digital identities from fraudulent individuals.

Levente Bokor


With over a decade of experience, Levente has held a range of technical positions, from software engineer to CTO, and has established himself as an expert generalist in the field. Driven by his passion for innovation and desire to help other businesses reach their full potential, Levente founded a company dedicated to providing top-tier, highly skilled software engineers to companies in need. However, his hunger for new challenges led him to venture into the world of cybersecurity, and thus Kevlarr was born. Kevlarr is Levente's latest venture, and it's revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry. With a focus on supporting MSP's in safeguarding the digital identities of their clients against impersonation, Kevlarr is the ultimate solution for any business seeking reliable and comprehensive cybersecurity measures.