HA/DR Strategies for Optimising Cost, Enhancing Value, and Scaling Your MSP Business

In today's dynamic business landscape, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) face the dual challenge of reducing overhead while enhancing customer value, all while keeping operating cost low. This session discusses key factors for driving down costs, adding value to both customers and end-users, streamlining onboarding processes, leveraging automation, and boosting customer adoption rates. Additionally, it explores innovative approaches to scaling without inflating budgets, and considerations for high availability and disaster recovery solutions for critical applications, across diverse platforms, operating systems, and databases. Learn how organisations can harness HA technologies to not only ensure uninterrupted services but also drive innovation, strengthen competitive advantages, and foster customer loyalty. By implementing these strategies, MSPs can forge stronger client relationships, minimise downtime, and position themselves as indispensable partners in their clients' success.

Harry Aujla

SIOS Technology Corp

Harry Aujla serves as the Director of Partner Alliances at SIOS Technology Corp. With a comprehensive background spanning more than two decades in the field of IT business continuity, he offers a substantial wealth of knowledge to enterprises aiming to establish seamless IT continuity strategies across their operations. His consultancy efforts have spanned diverse industry verticals including manufacturing, transportation, government, and others, allowing him to represent specialised vendors proficient in high availability, disaster recovery, and fault-tolerant computing methodologies. Throughout his extensive career, Harry has held various roles including that of a technical consultant, technical trainer, and salesperson.