All is not what it SIEMs

The market for SIEM solutions is mature, but many of them are designed for single instance enterprises. So adapting them to the needs of managed security service providers needs additional considerations besides their core capabilities. Huntsman Security will cover the 4 additional capabilities observed as needed by MSSPs to offer cost-effective security monitoring and threat detection services.

Piers Wilson

Huntsman Security

Piers Wilson is Head of Product Management with responsibility for keeping Huntsman Security’s analytics and risk measurement technology at the forefront of the cyber security market. Piers provides high-level strategic input to the development of Huntsman solutions and thought leadership on security trends such as security analytics, ransomware prevention, control assessment and audit, threat intelligence, security operations and automation.He has expertise in: • Leveraging external information, specific threat intelligence and risk data to improve security analytics and the detection, triage and diagnosis of cyber threats. • Using automation in threat resolution and incident management within end-user customers and managed service providers. • Risk-based assessment, measurement and reporting on security controls, operational effectiveness and KPIs.