Why your Happy Place will make you Sad

As an MSP Business Owner, your Happy Place is pushing buttons, sorting out servers and getting knee deep in the latest PSA’s, RMM’s and Automation Tools. However, as your business grows if you stay as the “Technical Expert” then you will inevitably just get busier and as the pressure builds your home and personal life will inevitably suffer and you’ll never find the time to structure the business so you can sell for max value in the future In this motivational and inspiring keynote, Stuart Warwick & Ian Luckett (both UK leading MSP Business Coaches) will share with you the Top 5 Business activities that every Ambitious MSP should be doing in 2023 to help elevate you from Busy Technician to Inspiring Business Leader and find your new Happy Place.

Ian Luckett

MSP Growth Hub

Ian Luckett is a multi-talented IT & MSP business growth expert with over 20 years' experience as a mentor, coach and business strategist. Over the years of working at various blue-chip companies holding a variety of senior positions, no one fits the profile better than Ian to help you build a profitable IT & MSP business by increasing your sales, productivity and profits.

Stuart Warwick

MSP Growth Hub

Stuart is an MSP specific business coach, creator of the Scale With Confidence Model and founder of the MSP Mastery programme which helps MSP’s scale with confidence to £1million or, if already there, to go faster. With 96% of MSPs failing to exceed seven figures Stuart’s mission is to help MSP’s scale confidently and build a business that works for them rather than them for it - giving them more time, profit and freedom. As a non-techie he brings a focus to scaling that most technical owners struggle to embrace giving them the confidence to tap into their true potential and that of their business.