The Trusted Advisor Explosion and Convergence 3.0

The next twenty years will see the biggest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen as the Boomer generation leaves their legacies to the next generation. In the USA alone that will be $35 Trillion. Those trillions landing in the pockets of an entrepreneurial, digitally transformed generation are going to create an explosion of “Trusted Advisors” in four key business verticals that will eventually lead to convergence 3.0.

Phylip Morgan


As Chief Channel Officer of Pax8 EMEA, Phylip provides leadership, guidance, and support to successfully extend the company’s key channel and marketing objectives to EMEA markets. He develops, plans, and executes strategic initiatives that drive the company’s channel growth and exposure in the EMEA regions. Through Phylip’s efforts, Pax8 is reaching global partners and leading the digital transformation worldwide. Phylip has spent over 30 years helping various technology companies expand globally and achieve significant success. He has led several companies as Chairman and Director and founded nine of his own, empowering organizations to become operationally efficient and effective through technology. Phylip holds an M.A. in Missional Leadership from Bangor University, is the Pastor and Co-Founder of Calon Church, and sits on the board for several companies and non-profits. He enjoys working with small business owners and spending time with his wife and three daughters.